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We are taking a step of faith and will be going on the air with a weekly broadcast which will begin Sunday October 6th from 12Noon-1PM

The show will be an inspirational broadcast of talk, music and message to offer an encouraging mid-day start for listeners who tune in for some hope and inspiration.  We are seeking sponsors who would like to help.  For $30 you can sponsor a quarter hour and we will provide some on air recognition of your sponsorship by sharing your church or company message.  Contact us for more details! 

 Russ Hobbs is a pastor, professor, counselor, storyteller, author and broadcaster with nearly half of a century in assisting churches and ministries to improve their programs and outreach.  

Captain's Log . . .
Captain Hawk® Inspirational Stories by Russ Hobbs

           We are voyagers on the sea of life, mariners on a course set for eternity. The waves rise and fall at the command of the skipper of creation. The perils, the pleasures and the opportunities of our journey are treasures that may bring us great wealth or take us to the depths of despair; physically, emotionally and spiritually. On this website you will find the tales and adventures of Russ Hobbs a pastor, writer, storyteller and broadcaster. If the stories that you read help you reflect upon your life journey we would love to hear from you. E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it